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Christian Blood

LorenzoJhwh Uniusrei
il cognome di Signor Macron è: LGBT #sessoFluido
che con: suo Signor: NWO Google facebook twitter? questo è tutto un alto tradimento del signoraggio bancario: ghigliottina a Junker
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nessuno avrebbe mai pensato che nel Pd Bilderberg, loro dovevano fare questa brutta fine! Trump inorridito da proposta Eliseo per creare un unico esercito europeo:

nuovo Napoleone dei GAY UE Macron army? lui vuole dichiarare guerra a USA e Russia
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nuovo Napoleone dei GAY UE Macron army? lui vuole dichiarare guerra a USA e Russia
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Signor: NWO Google facebook twitter: alto tradimento il signoraggio bancario: è il suo nome, ma, il cognome è LGBT #sessoFluido, anche se non esiste una dimostrazone scentifica per tutto questo
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ehi bananone Netanjahu ] tu mi dici quale rabbino Soros Mirandola Marandola ha insegnato ebraismo Talmud a info@forum-mirabella.com
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non ha temuto di dirmi la verità ] perché Hitler non avrebbe dovuto uccidere gli ebrei per colpa di MIRABELA? [ Caro Signor Scarola, comprendo e condivido il Suo anelo per salvare il mondo, ma non invierò la Sua email ai miei contatti. Nel giorno del giudizio avrò l'assoluzione per insufficienza di prove a mio carico (si sta illudendo!) e siccome discendo da una famiglia di banchieri ebrei, profitto personalmente del sistema del signoraggio. Che Allah la protegga! BC http://www.forum-mirabella.com/ ----- Messaggio originale -----Da: lorenzo scarola jhwhinri@gmail.com A: info@forum-mirabella.com; https://signoraggio-spa.blogspot.com/.../caro-signor...
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Trump inorridito da proposta Eliseo per creare un unico esercito europeo: equilibrio mentale di Macron vacilla pericolosamente
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LorenzoJhwh UniusreiBin SALMAN ] io non sono come te, che, tu ti metti in confidenza con donne che hanno un potenziale erotico,
ecco perché, prima di poter parlare con una donna? io aspetto che lei sia morta almeno da tre giorni!
e questo dimostra che Mohammed non avrebbe mai potuto essere un Profeta!

you have been banned by United with Israel.R: @ IsraelNationalTV - / watch? V = YqbQevoxy74
@ IsraelNationalTV --- If these crimes: They have never been: Recognized: disavowed: or Renegades, condemned, by the Jewish communities? Then, these crimes: They are still made today again, by all shit Ovadia: Kakam Illuminati of the IMF: seigniorage banking .. Because today it is easy to do this dirty work, with satanists! That's why God can never, answer to your prayers .. However: if They have the stomach: the unconscious: for go to the hell: ie to deal with Satan? Few years also for this Earthly life of these? the help of the American Satanists: 666 and 322? however, is not something That is going to last! quiet boy! I am come to you? but, My spirit has passed, killing Thousands of Satanists: first! quiet .. A king knows how to: as protect its subjects! You have noticed how: by: Joshua [23:11] the traslator: has canceled (3 ° WWnuclear)?

1 [Christian Blood] Historical Appendix. Preamble. The revelations of: Neophyte: HERE printed on top: They are themselves clear. But then: They even still credible? To answer this question, leaving here: aside: Reasons: intrinsic: the credibility, of what: is enough: he spoke in the Preface of The Giorgio, to us: contented: report here: briefly (as only: it implies: the brevity and the purpose of: these pages) 1 °: the historical list of Many: murders: That ritual purposes: always committed: the: Jews in the: past: Centuries: and this: some: the more special: the more clear: confessions : of: Jews: of: this: murder: and: this ritual purpose: that: are reported in: authentic: processes. II. Historical list: some: assassinations: of: Christians: committed: by: Jews for ritual purposes:

2 [Christian blood] in: Centuries ago. Many: lists: of: this: assassinations: They: are described: Various: authors, traits: Mostly from: and Baronius: Bollandists.More copious: but although very far: from finished: that's what us here: faithfully copied from page 56 and following: the: question Juive, Important book published: in 1882: Printing in Desclee de Brouwer and Comp Lilac in the Rue Royale, 26 .Year:
** 1071. In Blois (Monumenta Historica scriptorum Germanies, vol. VI, p.. 520): A child crucified. Then: thrown into the river. Count Theobald: does burn: Jews guilty.

3 [Christian Blood] ** 1114. At Norwich in England (Bollandists, vol. 5th of March, 588: and monuments, ibid.) William, a boy of twelve, years, is lured into a Jewish home, and there: torn up to the total bleeding. ** 1160. In Glocester (Monumenta ibid.): The: Jews crucify a child:
** 1179. In Paris: (Bollandists: ibid.: P. 591): Richard the child: is slain: Castle in Pontoise: Holy Thursday: and is Honored as a saint in Paris. ** 1181. In Paris: St.Robert, boy, is killed by: Jews to the parties: Easter.
** 1181. Zaragoza (Blanca illustrated Hispania, Thomas 3 °, p. 657) Occurred: The same with Domenico del Val.

4 [Christian Blood] ** 1236. At Hagenau (Richeri: Acta Senonensia: Monum XXV, p. 324) .. At a Hagenau: three children, of seven years are Sacrificed: the Jews, to hate: Jesus Christ: ** 1244, London (Baron No. 42) a child: a Christian is, martyred by: Jews; and: worship: the church of S. Paolo. ** 1250. In Aragon (John: from Lent, De Pseudo Messiis, p. 33) a child of seven years, was crucified at the Jewish Passover.
** 1255. A Lincoln (Bolland. vol. 6 July, p. 494) Hugh Child: Stolen from: Jews are fed up to the day of sacrifice. Many: Jews agree, from Various parts of England: and crucify him:. ** 1257. In London (Hist Cluverio Epitome. P. 541) a child slain Christians.
** 1160. A Welssemburg: (Annal. Colmar, Monum. XVII, 191) a little boy is killed by: Jews.

5 [Christian Blood] ** 1261. A Pfortzeim Bade (Bolland. ° vol.2: April 838): A girl of seven years, then strangled: bled to death and Drowned.
** 1283. In Mainz (Baronius 61: Acta Colmar. Monument. XVII, 210) a child sold: by her nurse: to: Jews and Those shot dead.
** 1285. In Monaco (Raderus Bavaria: Holy Volume 2 °, p.331: Monum. XVII, 415) a child is bleeding to death. His blood is being used: to: to remedy: the Jews. The people burn the house: where: Jews are, They were the resource persons Refugees. ** 1286. At Oberwesel on the Rhine (2 ° Bolland., Vol. Of: aprle 697: Monum XVII, 77: Baronius 1287, No. 18) Wernher, the Child of: 14 years: martyred: for three days, with Repeated incisions.
** 1287. In Bern (2nd Bolland., Vol. Of April) Rodolfo boy shot dead in the Passover:

6 [Christian Blood] ** 1292. In Colmar (Ann. Hum. Il, 30) a child as above. ** 1293, A Crems (Monum. XI, 658) a child Sacrificed: therefore sent: from: Jews of: Brunn, two Jews were the resource persons punished: the: other, are: saving for a fee. ** 1294. In Bern (Ann. Hum. II, 32) killed another child.
** 1202. A Remken: the same (Ann. Hum. II, 3g). ** 1303. On Weissensee in Thuringia (Baron 64) Conrad scholar, son of: a soldier bled to death, Engraved with: the veins. ** 1345. In Monaco (Rader 351) Blessed Errico: cruelly killed. ** 1401. A Diessenhofen of: Würtemberg. (History of the Albert B. Simone Habiki: at: Bolland. Vol. 2nd of April) a little boy of four years': purchased for three florins, and bled by: Jews.

7 [Christian Blood] ** 1407. There: yet another child killed: whence a riot: the expulsion of the popular: Jews (ibid.). ** 1410. [In Thuringia (Baronius third) are driven: the Jews, for crimes: against: Children: Christian. ** 1429. A Rovensbourg (Baronius 3rd: Bolland .. 3rd vol. Of April 978) Luigi von Bruck, a Christian boy is Sacrificed by: Jews, while They: served at the dinner table is Pentecost: his body is found: and Honored by Christians: ** 1454. in Castile (Simon Habiki: cit.) a child is torn to pieces: his heart and cooked for food. For this and others similar crimes, the: Jews are then: driven: from Spain in 1459.

8 [Christian Blood] ** 1457. In Turin (ibid.) is a Jew caught the moment: is: to Slay: a child. ** 1462. At Inspruck (Bolland. 3rd vol. Of July 462) the Blessed One: Child born to Andrew Rinn, is slain: July 9 by the Jews, that They collect the blood. ** 1475. In Trento, the famous martyr, B. Simoncini, of: the which: there, i processes: original. From these: processes, it Appears, that the: Jews of Trento, rei: of the ritual murder of B. Simoncini, it many dozens Revealed: and from Them: Their co-religionists: committed, for the same purpose: the ritual, in the Tyrol, Lombardy, Veneto, Italy and elsewhere in Germany, Poland etc. .. and so on.

9 [Christian Blood] ** 1480. In Treviso (Baronius p. 569) is: commit a crime similar to the Earlier of: Trent.
** 1480. At Motta in Venice (Bolland. vol. 2nd of April) a child is Sacrificed on Good Friday.
** 1486. In Regensburg (Rader 3 ° 174) are: Children: Victims: Jews ....
** 1490. A Guard at Toledo (April 3 Bolland. A) a child crucified.
** 1494. A Tyrman in Hungary (838 Bolland. April 2) a child Stolen and bled.

10 [Christian Blood] ** 1503. A Waltkirch in Alsace (Bolland. vol. 2nd of April, 830): As a child: four years, sold by his father to the Jews, for ten: guilders, with the understanding that, the: was returned alive after bled. But, The: Jews killed him bleeding.
** 1505. A Budweys (EFEL Scriptores, I38 ​​l) did similar.
** 1520. A Tyrnau and yellowish red (Bolland. vol. 2nd of April 839), then chased: the: Jews from Hungary.
** 1540. A Sappenfeld in Bavaria (2331 Rader, 3, 179) Michael. of: four years, Tortured for three days.

11 [Christian Blood] ** 1547. A Rave in Poland (Simon Habiki: cit. 'S Son: a tailor by two Jews Sacrificed.
** 1569. A Witów in Poland (ibid.) John: of: two years, sold for two brands: James of the Jew: Leizyka. and cruelly killed. And others: similar facts Happened: a Bielke and elsewhere. ** 1574. A Punia: Lithuania (ibid.) Elizabeth of seven years: Joachim Smierlowiez Murdered Jew, on Tuesday: the first Palm Sunday: his blood collected: in a jar.
** 1590. A Szydlow (ibid.) trovatone a child disappeared, the corpse bled for engravings: and Stings.

12 [Christian Blood] ** 1595. In Augustine (ibid.) a child, sold to Jews, to be bled.
** 1597. At Sryalow (ibid.) killed a child. With his blood: Jews: sprinkle the new synagogue: to consecrate it.
** 1650. A Caaden (Tenziel, January 1694) As a child, five years and a half: Tillich Called Matthias: I: is Murdered: March 11. This includes other historical: similar facts Occurred: a Steycrmarck, Karnten, Crain, etc ..
** 1655. A Tunguch in Germany (Tentzel, June 1693) a Murdered Child.

13 [Christian Blood] ** 1669. In Metz (Process: Paris 1670: Feller, newspaper, 1788, 2 nd 428) As a child, three years Stolen from the Jew, Raphael Levi, and cruelly Murdered. His corpse was found horribly mutilated. The Offender was burned alive by the sentence of Parliament: the Metz 16 June 1670. Note: In the process Became WHO: in 17 - 12-1401, for the murder of: where: above, the jew: accused confessed That every seven years: all: the: Jews need: to: Christian blood. Another, Revealed that: Christians Murdered: he must be less than thirteen: years: A third said that: They: were the resource persons using: the blood in the Passover: And that it did: a dry part: Reduced to powder: and that: They used to: Their rituals: religious (Question Juive page. 59, 60).

13 [Christian Blood] It is remarkable to Consider, Such as: the same confessions and revelations have been made by: Jews, even after many, many: Centuries and in countries far away: in Trento, Moldova, Switzerland: in: Centuries XIV and XVIII, the which is already the second: and he saw: see. Many: other: made: similar to: Those: already reported: we: may collect: other: history: ESPECIALLY by: Monumenta of Pertz historiae Germanicae. But, Because, so far reported, just: to put in point: That the use jew: to: use: of Christian blood, for ritual purposes: it is ancient and constant: in: Centuries gone by. But We now come to the century: present. Ecc. ecc.

1/2.Giosué [23:11] We Are All Sons of Adam and Noah? So why: Rabbi: Ovadia Yosef: ie, the Pharisees: can say that: Christians are animals in human form?What Lies Beneath: all this? evitente is: the Jewish lobby: 666 of 322: IMF: They stole the symbols of Judaism and Christianity: still, as well go against the Satanists? It's like going against yourself! However, also if, this story: horrible: of the Talmud: is more over: 3000 years, dating back to the roots of the Jewish religion, that, he went almost IMMEDIATELY corrupt: Because of apostasy of racist: quet of oral tractions : the which were the resource persons then incorporated in the Talmud? However, We Should not be afraid of the truth and We Should not be afraid to amputate cancer: first, that it leads to death around of the entire body: ie: of any human being. for Grove do Luciferian cult: ie New Tower of Babel: of NWO

2/2.Giosué [23.11] @ IsraelNationalTV - Abbiate gran cura, per la vita vostra, in amare il vostro Signore Dio. [12] Perche, se, voi fate apostasia (Talmud: Farisei) ... [13] allora, sappiate, che ... sarete periti voi: e sarete scomparsi (3 ° WW nuclear): da questo: buon Paese: che: Vostro il Signore Dio: vi ha dato. - ANSWER-> maledizione! parlare male in Israele? (Anche se: è lui un abominio massonico: fondato dai satanisti del FMI: in Rothschild, ecc .. anche se: è come: Tutte: le altre false democrazie: del signoraggio bancário): per un Cristiano? è come un tagliarsi braccio! Perche: anche noi Cristiani siamo Israele! Quanti movimenti religiosi ebraismo l'ha? tanti! allora, Perche questo Odio assurdo: della synagogue in satana (Illuminati: Farisei): contro: i Cristiani dal fin principio?
@ IsraelNationalTV --- Testimony from Capture of Nazi Criminal Displayed in the Knesset?
ok! everything perfect: it is right to stop and Punish all: the Criminals!
but, Pls it is realized: the capture of Criminals: The Illuminati: Kakam: Rothschild murderers: and: everyone of the synagogue of Satan, ie, the IMF of seigniorage banking: robbed against all peoples through the masonry: ie all the satanists: ofthe New World Order: ie, the Satanists: 666 and 322, that: They put, also, Their star of Satan: on the flag: of Israel .. They are also always the same: that, They did kill: the Kennedys ... ecc .. ecc ..
but, for do this, Perhaps, you would expect, that, has ended the 3 rd WW Nuclear?
But this is precisely the problem: "if There Will Be: The 3 ° WW nuclear? Then, Will not Will more exist: the State of Israel!"